Advantages of Visiting Family Dentist, Ash Dental Irvine

The Advantages of Visiting Our Family Dentist Office

Advantages of Visiting Family Dentist

Going to visit the Dentist is not the most pleasant of experiences, we get that. On the other hand, visiting  ASh Dental Irvine Family Dentist as we know and many of our families have discovered, the family who comes in to see us on a regular basis choses to do so proactively. Needing to see the family dentist would mean there was some dire situation or emergency and we will tell you the advantages of visiting family dentist.

But, when you come in to see us for a regular examination and cleaning at least twice a year, we can care for all the family’s needs and take care of minor problems, before they become major problems.

As a Ash Dental Family Dentist, there are significant advantages to seeing the entire family instead of individuals. One is our human social tendency to trust more easily as a group. Perhaps the best way to explain this is from the perspective of a small child.


For Our Children:

For children, there is often nothing that will cause more anxiety than having to get a medical treatment. Children naturally associate doctors and dentists with unfamiliar settings, injections, people running around dressed in strange clothes, and for a dentist, that chair.

This can, and usually does, cause anxiety. In the case of a family dentist, however, the child learns that the dentist is part of the family’s health plan. They come in with Mom or Dad and get to know the dentist. Seeing a parent getting a cleaning helps to replace natural fear with a much more powerful emotion: curiosity.

Suddenly, they want to know what the machines do, how we use the tools, and what we are doing. Just like with a family physician, the family dentist stops being a stranger and becomes part of the family, in a sense.

For family members, this helps to establish that critical trust. Ironically, parents who bring their children in regularly are far less likely to have anxiety of their own when they need a procedure.


Advantages of Visiting Family Dentist, Ash Dental Irvine

Ash Dental Irvine – Advantages of Visiting our Family Dentist

One of the largest advantages, families tell us, is the ability to get all of your treatment in the same place. For families, there are different dental needs for various age groups. Even more complicated, these needs change as the family members age. Being able to come in to one place and get all the treatments you need is a huge advantage.

From x-rays to cleaning, from dentures to braces, from fillings to extractions, once you come through our family dentist doors, you never have to worry about going somewhere else to get your treatments, unless it is extremely specialized. Convenience is very important to families, which is why we also have the ability to work with your schedule so you can get everyone in around the same time for routine procedures.

We understand that life is busy. Having to go in multiple times can be impossible, so we have a streamlined booking system that allows you to bring in your family in a most convenient time slot where you can maximize the treatments you get.

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