At Ash Dental Corp: A. Sami DDS, we are the premiere provider of clear braces throughout the Irvine area. Straight teeth are important for your overall oral health. When teeth are crooked, they can become stained and infected more easily. By straightening them, we can improve your appearance and decrease your risk of getting cavities at the same time. We can also address issues that you may have with your jaw by aligning your bite. Orthodontics is truly a comprehensive way to address oral health concerns.

We understand that while many people want to straighten their teeth, many adults and teens do not want to do so in the traditional fashion. Metal braces are an effective tool for straightening teeth and have been used by orthodontists for decades. The procedure works by placing a metal bracket onto the surface of each tooth and running a wire through those brackets. It is impossible not to notice when someone is wearing traditional metal braces. While the treatment works, it can also negatively impact a persons’ appearance while doing so. This has led many people to seek out a better option, one that we provide.

As an elite provider of clear braces, we are delighted to offer our patients an alternative to traditional metal braces. Those that are concerned about how metal braces may impact their appearance can receive the same benefit of straight teeth without having a mouth full of metal in order to do so. Clear braces have revolutionized orthodontics and opened up a world of possibilities for both teens and adults. This option is not a practical solution for children but is extremely effective for older patients. Not everyone provides this option, so it is important to work with a clear braces expert, like Dr. Sami. If you live in or near Irvine CA, we invite you to call 949-453-9800 and schedule a consultation to determine if clear braces are right for you.

Clear Braces vs. Metal Braces

At Ash Dental Corp: A. Sami DDS, we offer clear braces for adults and teens living in or near the 92618 area. Dr. Sami is an expert at straightening teeth and moving them into the perfect position so that every patient has a beautiful and radiant straight smile. Whether you have teeth that are entirely crooked, unsightly gaps in between your teeth or a misaligned bite – clear braces can help to correct these issues and more. They work just as effectively as metal braces but with some major improvements. Clear braces are nearly invisible, making them ideal for busy professionals, teens and those that don’t want straightening their teeth to negatively impact their current appearance.

There are several types of clear braces to choose from. One operates similarly to traditional metal braces where a bracket is placed onto each tooth, and a wire threaded between them. The difference is that instead of being made out of metal, the brackets are made out of tooth-colored resin that blends in with the natural tooth. The wire is also tooth-colored so that the braces themselves are virtually invisible and difficult to see. As an elite provider of clear braces, we find that this solution works well for adults that are able to spend time keeping their braces perfectly clean. Otherwise, the brackets can become stained. This solution is an excellent alternative to traditional braces and is just as effective at addressing all orthodontic concerns.

Clear braces also come in the form of aligners. Clear aligners look like a full retainer that surrounds the teeth and can be worn on the upper and lower teeth. Aligners are more convenient to wear than metal braces because they come out. One of the major concerns that people have with wearing braces is that they don’t come off. If, for example, you get braces then decide to get married, you would either have braces in your wedding pictures or need to pay to have them removed and reinstalled. Both are inconvenient. Simultaneously, if you have a big presentation at work and want to impress a client, your braces cannot come off for the meeting. This leaves many adults apprehensive about committing to a two-year treatment plan. We understand that appearance is important for more than vanity. It impacts your ability to create a professional image and retain your own self-image. As a Irvine provider of clear braces, we make it so that you don’t have to compromise your appearance or lifestyle while straightening teeth and aligners are a key component of that.

When straightening teeth with aligners, the biggest advantage is that they can be taken out. They are supposed to be worn for around twenty-two hours a day. The aligners need to be removed while eating and brushing teeth. Since they come out there is no need to adjust what you eat or worry about getting food stuck in between the brackets. They can also be removed while making that big presentation, having family pictures taken, getting married or any other special event where braces could get in the way. Life is meant to be lived, and when wearing clear braces, you can enjoy life as you always have. If you are interested in learning more about the process, we invite you to call 949-453-9800 and schedule an appointment with our Irvine office.

Clear Braces

Teen Braces and Adult Braces

As an expert in clear braces, we treat both teens and adults. Many patients are unaware that teens and adults can typically benefit from similar treatment options. Though not exactly the same, teens have the advantage of having all of their adult teeth in and typically, their jaw has stopped growing. This makes it possible for us to provide clear braces to teens throughout the 92618 area, where children can typically only use traditional metal braces. The main difference between clear braces for teens and adult braces, is that teens may need to use their aligners for a longer period of time. This is because, with such a busy schedule, we expect teens to remove their aligners more frequently to do things like play sports.

At Ash Dental Corp: A. Sami DDS, we are pleased to provide patients throughout Irvine with a more convenient way to straighten their teeth. To find out if clear braces are right for you, call 949-453-9800.

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