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ASH Dental for Your Oral health

ASH Dental for Your Oral health is one of the best Dental Hospital in Irvine. Visiting your Irvine dentist at least Once every Six Months is important to your overall dental health, and we will demonstrate several reasons why. Despite much evidence that supports the idea of needing to visit a dentist regularly; there is a growing trend of people who are not coming in to see their oral health specialists as much as they should be, which is concerning.

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A Restorative Dentist Can Save Your Damaged Tooth | ASH Dental Irvine

Saving Your Tooth by Restorative Dentist

Saving Your Tooth by Restorative Dentist in ASH Dental Irvine. As a restorative dentist, we specialize in saving teeth that may otherwise need to be pulled. It is incredibly common to damage a tooth, sometimes doing the most basic of activities. Driving a car and getting into a wreck, playing basketball, and colliding with an elbow, running into something at work, etc.; all these things can lead to tooth damage.

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