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Best Teeth Whitening In Irvine

Teeth Whitening in Irvine


The Best Way to Get Beautiful Teeth

If you are considering Teeth Whitening In Irvine, you are one step closer to having a beautiful smile.
We whiten a lot of teeth and are used to patients coming in thoroughly confused about what products they should try.
We recommend that you have your teeth whitened professionally and in order to understand why, you should know the facts about whitening in general.


There Are Risks Involved

When you have your teeth whitened in our dental office, we will ensure that it is done correctly and that your teeth feel healthy afterwards. When you whiten them yourself, however, there is a statistical risk for overexposure to the bleaching agent. It is very common for people to whiten their teeth for too long, too often, or use too much of the solution. This can all lead to overexposure, and as it does, your teeth can become sensitive.

Everyone has enamel on the outside of their teeth, and the enamel serves to protect the tooth, preventing irritation. However, you overexpose your teeth to the bleaching agent, the enamel can start to erode. Once it is gone, you could be living with sensitive teeth for the rest of your life unless you seek dental intervention. This is the primary health reason that you shouldn’t try this on your own but should be under the watchful eye of a dentist. Simultaneously, if you do try a product at home and don’t like the results, don’t try it again.  Call us instead so that we can examine your teeth and determine if it is safe to whiten them further.


Pick the Comfortable Option

If you buy whitening trays in the store, there is a good chance that the solution will leak into the back of your mouth or throat. This because the whitening trays are meant to fit everyone and tend to become loose.  You can prevent this by using custom made whitening trays that are based on a mold of your teeth – something you can get from the dentist and not at the store.  Simultaneously, if you try something like whitening strips, there is a good chance that they will slide off your teeth, creating further discomfort.  As a provider of teeth whitening in Irvine, our solutions are both safe and comfortable so that you will enjoy whitening your teeth.


Skip Failed Products

For the whitening solution to work it must remain on your teeth for a set period.  If you are depending on whitening toothpaste or a whitening pen to do the trick – it won’t.  The solution simply can’t remain on the teeth long enough to remove the stains.  It is, after all, washed off immediately.  With that in mind, only use these products to brighten your teeth without expecting any significant results.


Do What Works

If you really want beautiful teeth, visit our dentist office.
We provide teeth whitening in Irvine that produces beautiful and dramatic results so that you can love the appearance of your smile.


Our goal is to provide you with a durable solution. And that will enhance your quality of life, and we are confident that Teeth Whitening can do so.
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