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ASH Dental for Your Oral health!

ASH Dental for Your Oral health is one of the best Dental Hospital in Irvine. Visiting your Irvine dentist at least Once every Six Months is important to your overall dental health, and we will demonstrate several reasons why. Despite much evidence that supports the idea of needing to visit a dentist regularly; there is a growing trend of people who are not coming in to see their oral health specialists as much as they should be, which is concerning.

Percentage of the Cavities or Decay:

Over the last several years, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has noted that; over 27.5% of people in the country have untreated Cavities or Decay. When you look at specific demographics, like children between the ages of 12 and 15, for example; that percentage increases significantly to 50%. In other words, an average of one in four people have untreated decay; which can be avoided with regularly-scheduled dental maintenance. Patients who have made a habit to come in regularly; have discovered there are several advantages to coming in; and they often require less attention than people who do not come in at all. Having maintenance on your teeth; like everything else, often helps reduce problems; that could otherwise lead to larger issues.

What do We use to Do When You Visit Us?

When you visit ASH Dental Hospital In Irvine, we do two specific things that help make your teeth healthier and keep you in the best Oral Health.

Two Steps we always do to check your Oral Health:

First, we always do a complete examination, using all the technology we have at our disposal, including dental imaging. This allows us to keep a constant track of your teeth, which means that should any problems start to appear, we will know immediately.

The sooner your Irvine dentist becomes aware of a challenge with your mouth, the faster we can treat it and ensure it does not become severe. While this is true in the case of all dental problems, it is even more important when it comes to oral cancer. Several years ago, we realized that as your Irvine dentist, we are in the best possible position to help with oral cancer screening.

Since we are already examining your mouth, hopefully at least twice a year, we can easily identify the lesions that appear on the gums, tongue, or occasionally the throat that could signify the onset of oral cancer. This early warning can allow us to run verifying tests and if it is oral cancer, to treat it aggressively for the best possible chance of a complete recovery. If you have not had an oral cancer screening recently, you need to discuss one the next time you come in.

Second, we do other than the examinations and screening, is that your Irvine dentist will clean your teeth to remove excess plaque. Plaque buildup is one of the easiest ways for bacteria to create a cavity or decay. By removing the excess plaque on a regular basis, we keep the population of oral bacteria in your mouth under control, and thereby help reduce the potential of cavities.

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